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Championship Disc Golf
Championship Course Hole 6

Championship Course

Disc Side of Heaven Championship Course

GOLD TEES = 9,840'
PAR 64
Mens Gold Tee Course Record:  Ricky Wysocki  51  April 13, 2017    Simon Lizotte 51  April 14, 2017

BLUE TEES = 8,722'
PAR 64
Ladies Blue Tee Course Record:  Jennifer Allen 60  April 14, 2017

During the winter of 2016-17 The Championship Course saw brand new Prodiscus Tee Pads installed for the Gold Tees!  Other changes were to move a few baskets and one fairway all to prepare for the Jonesboro Open, the fourth stop on the 2017 Disc Golf Pro Tour!

This was the original description in 2013:

The Championship Course is intended for only highly skilled disc golfers and is meant to challenge the best of the best.  The par 70 layout brings two ponds, two marshes and a creek bed into play on eight holes.  Property lines serve as OB on seven holes.  Elevation changes of up to 60 feet and large trees await you on almost every hole.

This course is designed so that the hills, the trees and the wind are factors on almost every shot.  The Championship Course has three different tee boxes - White 9,010', Blue 9,793', and Gold measuring out to 10,449' - so that anyone who wishes to play can play.  It is true the long arms will have an advantage on the course, but pin-point accuracy is a must to score well.  For you Ace junkies, YES, there are Ace Runs scattered here and there, but if you are the disc golfer that just wants to make a bunch of 2s while wearing flip-flops, this is not meant for you.

The Championship Course is a true test of both physical and mental stamina.

After much time, effort and debate a decision was made to change several holes on the Championship Course to better prepare for the Jonesboro Open.  Here is what changed from the original layout and why:

The following holes changed dramatically:

#1:  Shortened to a long Par 3, reasons are cosmetic only, it is now a great starting hole.
#5:  Shortened to a long Par 3, reasons are also cosmetic, may be the best hole on the course.
#9:  Shortened to a Par 4, Tee and Basket location both moved to the left Fairway.  Safety reasons with the new #1.
#14: Shortened to a Par 3, "Top of the World" type shot.  This hole's green suffered major storm damage in 2015 and has never been the same.
#18: (Side note, this one hurt the most)   The 999' Hole.   We cleaned a lot of the fairway and moved the Tee up considerably.  This will be a Par 4 and what promises to be one of the most difficult finishing holes in all of disc golf.

Other minor changes:

#2 is now listed as a Par 4 instead of 5, and the Tee Box moved slightly from the original Gold location.
#4 Tee Box moved slightly due to the same storm that took out #14 took out a tree that defined the fairway.  #4 will remain a Par 4.
#8 Tee Box moved slightly, but the shot did not change.
#11 Tee Box moved slightly but again did not affect the shot.
#17 Tee moved slightly to shorten the hole, still remains a difficult, long Par 4.

Summary, major changes to 1, 5, 9, 14 & 18.
Minor changes to 2, 4, 8, 11 & 17.
No changes to 3, 6, 7, 10, 12, 13, 15, & 16.

Now that the changes are complete the Championship Course has been cut down to 9,840' with a course par of 64.  Good Luck!

Championship Course Original Map

Championship Course Revised Map (appx lengths)