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Recreation Course

The Recreational Course is a Par 56 course that is meant to be a FUN round of disc golf for everyone. Not only will it be fun, but Disc Side of Heaven will separate itself from most disc golf courses in the world as we offer four tee boxes per hole on the Recreational Course. The goal is for everyone, regardless of skill level, to find this course both enjoyable and a challenge to play. Many disc golfers who have played for a long time believe alternate tees should benefit them – to change the course. At Disc Side of Heaven, we believe the alternate tees should give everyone the same challenge resulting in the same true enjoyment of the sport.

Disc Side of Heaven has a set of Green Tees at 3,258' that is meant for familes with kids.  The Green Tees are for true beginners that have never played before and are looking to experience a fun day in the great outdoors without it being too difficult.

The Red Tees (4,548') are meant for golfers that are wanting to truly learn how to play.  They will allow the opportunity to learn and not become frustrated with length or obstacles. It will allow the new players to grow with the course as they become better. When they believe they are ready, they can then move up to the White Tees (5,454') and truly begin a lifetime of playing disc golf. Most disc golfers will stay at this level for their all of their playing days.

For those who seek a bigger challenge and want to push themselves harder, they can step back to the Blue Tees and test their game. The Blue Tees on the Recreational Course measure out to 6,219' and are not meant to make it the hardest or most challenging course in the world, but simply a way for very good golfers to enjoy this course. This true skill level set of tees is where Disc Side of Heaven's Recreational Course will separate itself from all others and set a new standard in disc golf course design. It is designed to have very little chance of losing your disc and it encourages new players by showing them what is possible! Be sure to bring the entire family to enjoy this course as everyone can play from a tee box designed for their skill level.

Recreation Course Map